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The authentic handmade silk pieces of the Silk Rugs Collection are known for their softness, delicacy, and exceptional construction. They are woven in a variety of exquisite designs and feature highly intricate curvilinear or linear motifs.

Classic Pure Silk Rug, Turkmenian

Pure Silk Handmade Rugs

We take great pride in presenting our collection of handmade silk rugs. We believe that they are a unique work of art and deserve special attention and admiration. Our silk on cotton and silk on silk unique pieces are displayed separately from the rest, to highlight their beauty and exceptional quality.

These pieces are handcrafted using fine threads, which allows weavers to tie exceptionally high knots per square inch. Thus, intricate designs and details are created, making each rug an exclusive masterpiece. However, handcrafting a silk rug is a highly intricate and time-consuming process that requires a high level of concentration and skill. This additional time and craftsmanship makes silk rugs more expensive than wool rugs.

The number of knots in a handmade silk rug is often three or four times higher than in a comparable wool rug, creating an unrivaled quality. The silk fibers, reflecting light and shade in different environments, create a luxurious feel that is unequalled. We invite you to explore our finely crafted silk rugs and immerse yourself in the world of true artistry and perfection.

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Shine and luxury
that captivates the eye.

Among the best silk carpets are the Persian Qum rugs, which are made of pile silk on silk foundation. These carpets are highly appreciated for their quality and complexity of design, with a weaving density ranging from 800K knots/sq. meter.

Beautiful handmade silk carpets can also be found in Kashmir, which are often more affordable than traditional Persian Qum carpets, but their quality is equally high. Our carpets from the Silk Rugs Collection are mainly woven in Persian workshops, but also the beautiful Indian silk carpets from Kashmir, as well as the exclusive Turkish and Chinese Hereke carpets, are characteristic examples of this unparalleled weaving art.

With our collection of colorful and elegant handmade silk carpets, you can now add a jewel to your home decor and capture the imagination of every visitor.

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silk RUGS


    | Handmade rug
  • origin

    | Persia – India – Turkey – China

    | Pure Silk
  • Style

    | Classic
  • Available sizes

    | 080χ120 – 090χ150 – 125χ185 – 140χ200 – 170χ240 – 200χ250 – 200χ300 – 240χ300 – 250χ350
Classic Pure Silk Rug, Qum

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silk rugs

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Classic Pure Silk Rug, ASL-2 Light Tan/Light Peach
ASL-2 Light Tan/Light Peach