Oushak Rugs

oushak rugs

oushak rugs

When it comes to materials and texture, the handmade rugs of the Oushak Collection are considered among the most beautiful. Designs from the beginning of the 20th century in earth tones that offer aesthetic warmth to your space.

Oushak Neoclassic Rugs, Mahal Orange/Beige
Mahal Orange/Beige

Classic Handmade Oushak Rugs

Unique and unsurpassed style.

Cotton and selected wool like silk, long especially only from the neck of the sheep, are exclusively used in this unique collection.

The silky, luminous wool is what makes a real Oushak rug. Hand-knotted and twisted with 100% vegetable dyes in earthy hues, Oushak handmade pieces are unique in both design and color palette.

Double turkish knots with cross wefts tie this percussive quality to 1900s designs, rugs usually with large repeating patterns and an imperial aesthetic.
Art for your floor, the Oushak collection bring elegance and a luxurious feel to your home or office.

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    | Handmade rug -Turkish Double Knot
  • origin

    | Afghanistan

    | Super fine quality Wool –Turkish Double Knot – High weaving count
  • Style

    | NeoClassic
  • Available sizes

    | 90χ150 – 120χ180 – 140χ200 – 170χ240 – 200χ250 – 200χ300 – 250χ300 – 250χ350 – 270χ360 – Oversize
Oushak Neoclassic Rugs, Uzbek Blue/Beige
Uzbek Blue/Beige
Oushak Neoclassic Rugs, Kuba Dragon Grey
Kuba Dragon Grey

oushak collection


For availability, contact us at 2106012592.

Oushak Neoclassic Rugs, Nepali Red/Beige
Nepali Red/Beige