Office Moquettes

Luxury, warmth and hospitality are the feelings that await you under your feet with the wonderful moquettes that you will find in our store. The Kachramanoglou Rugs company offers a full range of products from the most well-known carpet brands and manufacturers, to satisfy every design need, taste and budget.



For projects with big design ambitions or large floor areas, a moquette may be the ideal choice. When the space appears as one large surface without physical connections and divisions in the design, a very special appearance is achieved with the carpet as a fundamental element that connects the elements of the room's interior design.


Our collections cover all possible uses and modern requirements. Carpets in tiles or rolls, in a variety of designs, colors and textures suitable for:

- Contract (Offices-Hotels)
- Residential
- Children's
- Stairs
- Church
- Carpets for Pleasure Boats and Yachts
- Kitchen
- Outdoor
- Carpet Lawn (synthetic turf)
- Sisal

Οικιακές Μοκέτες
Μοκέτα Σκάλας
Παιδική Μοκέτα
μοκέτα γραφείου
μοκέτα πλακάκι
Συνθετικό Γκαζόν

Residential Moquettes

Staircase Moquettes


Kids Moquettes

Office Moquettes

Moquette Tiles

Artificial Grass


If you wish, you can install the special underlay for carpets with sound-insulating and heat-insulating properties. It protects the carpet and provides you with a light feeling to the touch.

wall to wall

cosy living


The material of these products mainly consists of:
-sisal and other natural fibers.

Our experience and know-how are at your disposal to give you the best carpet covering solutions. Our company undertakes, with expert craftsmen, the installation and laying of carpets, providing you with the highest quality of work.

Choose from a wide variety of colors and designs, in suitable dimensions, the carpet that suits your space.