serafien rugs


The handcrafted artworks, belonging to the prestigious Serafien rugs collection, are meticulously woven from premium-grade wool and silk, incorporating designs and color tones of the most exquisite aesthetic appeal.

classic rug, Top Capi Orange/Beige
Top Capi Orange/Beige

Classic handmade Serafien carpets

One of a kind.

The Serafien collection of carpets is the culmination of the Kachramanoglou family's creativity, following their highly successful Antique and Oushak collections. Each of their creations is fueled by passion and authentic love for the special art of handmade carpet weaving. The deep knowledge, generations of experience, and educated taste have all contributed equally to the birth of these masterpieces.

The carpets are produced by blending elements from all the productive regions of the East. Skilled Afghan craftsmen use the double Turkish knot to weave designs inspired by the Safavid dynasty in Persia, as well as the aristocracy of the Ottoman Empire.

The carpets from the Serafien collection will create the elegant, luxurious feel you are looking for in your space!

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Additional Information

serafien RUGS


    | Handmade rug
  • origin

    | Afghanistan

    | Wool & Silk
  • Style

    | Classic – Floral
  • Available sizes

    | 170χ240 – 200χ250 – 200χ300 – 250χ300 – 250χ350
Serafien classic rugs
Serafien Rugs

serafien collection
exclusive fine
classic rugs

serafien rugs

perfection unfolded

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Serafien classic rugs, Top Capi Orange/Beige
Top Capi Orange/Beige