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Authentic Persian nomadic all-wool rugs are the pieces of the Nomad Rugs collection. Diamonds and squares dominate this style, in large patterns and warm colors.

Kashqai Rug
Fine Kashqai Nomad Rugs

Handmade Nomad Kashqai Rugs

Authentic nomad rugs.

The handmade rugs of the Nomad Rugs collection are authentic, nomadic rugs mainly from Iran with geometric patterns made by real nomads.
Carpet making is an important contribution to the life of Kashqai nomads.
These rugs have a typical red-brown background.

Their pattern is woven from memory and often consists of a centrally placed medallion, repeated at all four corners.
Handmade Kashqai rugs are woven on horizontal looms and the weaver sits during the weaving process on one half of the rug.
The well-made carpets of the Nomad collection are attractive and durable products that speak volumes about the conditions of nomadic life.
Nomadic rugs are made entirely of sheep and goat wool with horse hair.

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Additional Information

kashqai rugs


    | Handmade rug
  • origin

    | Persia

    | 100% Fine Wool
  • Style

    | Nomad – Geometrical
  • Available sizes

    | 090χ150 – 110χ170 – 150χ250 – 180χ270 – 210χ310 – 230χ330

kashqai collection
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Kashqai Rug
Fine Kashqai Nomad Rugs
Kashqai Rug

nomad rugs

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