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Ness Modern Carpets

Ness is a highly reputed brand that proudly offers an exclusive collection of modern carpets that will elevate the look and feel of every living space.

The stunning collection coansists of machine-made rugs from the Galaxy, Monaco, and Dali series, all unparalleled in terms of style, quality, and durability.

Each rug has been immaculately designed with contemporary aesthetics in mind, ensuring that they exude a sense of sophisticated elegance that complements any interior décor. The rugs boast a variety of desirable dimensions, allowing them to fit seamlessly into any room. Composed color-patterns of the modern relief designs make it easy to match them with your existing décor.

Additionally, the neutral tones, light shine, and soft pile make these rugs the epitome of luxury, offering not only style but also comfort. We are confident that our collection will meet and exceed your expectations, so why not add a touch of sophistication to your home today?

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Ness modern carpet, GALAXY 196 Grey/Black
GALAXY 196 Grey/Black

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Additional Information

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    | Machinemade Carpet
  • origin

    | Turkey

    | Galaxy: 100% Polyester – 12mm
      Monaco: PP Polyester – 8mm
      Dali: 100% Polyester – 8mm
  • Style

    | Modern – Abstract
  • Available sizes

    | Custom size carpets
Ness modern carpet, Galaxy
Pricing Details
Collection€ / τ.μ
Ness modern carpet, Galaxy
For availability, contact us at 2106012592.
Ness modern carpet, Monaco