Our showroom

Open Wide Areas

The wide surface of our store will allow you to browse safely, but also to comfortably see all the carpets that you may be interested in laid out.Our Showroom

Our Showroom


vaccinated staff

Because it is important for us to feel, but also to be safe, we follow all the rules of hygiene, protection and precaution against COVID-19.


Outdoor space
for parking your car.

Comfortable outdoor parking space behind the store so you can make your visit to our shop worry-free.

Our Showroom


Ground Floor Store
with easy access

Το κατάστημα μας είναι ισόγειο γωνιακό επί της Λ. Μεσογείων, παρέχοντας εύκολη πρόσβαση για ΑμεΑ.

Our Showroom


variety in all types of
floor covering.

In our company you will find a wide variety of products in handmade, machine and children’s rugs, moquettes, kilims, woven, leather and fur rugs.


We have a wireless
POS to facilitate
payment on delivery.

We have bank accounts in all systemic organizatons, as well as POS terminals to facilitate remote and contactless payments.