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Add warmth to your space with these wonderful rugs in Moroccan style. The fine lines of grey, brown and charcoal add the perfect touch of color to make the Moroq modern rugs collection rugs stand out.

Modern Rugs, MQ-20 Camel
MQ-20 Camel

Modern Handmade Moroq Rugs

Impressive ethnic design.

Introducing the exquisite Moroq modern rugs collection!

These tasteful rugs are not only decorative, but also elegant, boasting a stunning combination of simple yet sophisticated tribal designs in minimal tonal shades.

Drawing inspiration from the rich and diverse cultures of Morocco, each rug is masterfully handcrafted from the finest bamboo silk, resulting in an elegant low pile that is both soft and durable.

What truly sets these rugs apart, however, is the use of modern minimalist designs and contemporary color palettes that feature earthy or gray shades, as well as deep charcoal tones. The result is a breathtaking collection that exudes both delicacy and luxury, perfect for anyone seeking a touch of sophistication and refinement in their home décor.

So why wait? Bring home a Moroq rug today and elevate your living space to new heights of beauty and elegance!

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    | Handmade rug
  • origin

    | India

    | Wool – Bamboo Silk
  • Style

    | Modern – Ethnic – Geometrical
  • Available sizes

    | 200χ250 – 200χ300 – 240χ300 – 250χ350
Moroq Modern Rugs, MQ-20 Camel
MQ-20 Camel

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Modern Rugs, MQ-21 Charcoal
MQ-21 Charcoal