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The Modern Vintage Rugs collection is comprised of a selection of handmade rugs that boast antique and transitional styles. Every rug within this contemporary collection exhibit classic patterns that have been revitalized with modern colors, resulting in a silky, minimalistic, and luxurious ambiance.

Vintage Modern Rug, ER-08 Grey/Blue
ER-08 Grey/Blue

Modern handmade vintage rugs.

The revived Eastern tradition.

We present to you the  Vintage modern rugs collection; a fusion of classic Eastern art and contemporary design suitable for the modern eclectic interior.

The distressed finish and clever use of color add a new dimension to the traditional rug designs, resulting in an artfully aged appearance that is uniquely designed to capture both the traditional and modern aesthetics.

Crafted using a combination of wool and bamboo silk, every piece in this collection is handmade, with the warp and weft expressing the distorted classic design. The embossed silk gives the rug a distinctive shine that sets it apart from other rugs.

The Vintage collection is continuously renewed with new color combinations and designs to keep up with the latest fashion trends, with the option to personalize the dimension and color to suit individual preferences.

In a world where modernism and tradition converge, the Vintage style rugs offer a timeless character with a modern twist and a hint of luxury.

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Additional Information

vintage RUGS


    | Handmade rug
  • origin

    | India

    | Wool & Bamboo Silk
  • Style

    | Vintage – Transitional
  • Available sizes

    | 170χ240 – 200χ250 – 200χ300 – 240χ300 – 250χ350
Vintage Modern Rug, Urban Nain Lt.Grey/Blue
Urban Nain Lt.Grey/Blue

VINTAGE collection
tradition never looked so fresh


reimaging heritage

For availability, contact us at στο 2106012592.

Vintage Modern Rug, Hunting Lt.Grey/Blue
Hunting Lt.Grey/Blue