rabbit Fur

rabbit Fur

Introducing the new Rabbit Fur synthetic skin rug collection, available in beautiful, vibrant colors and with tangle-free fibers.

This rug will bring incredible warmth to your space thanks to its soft and luxurious fur-like texture! Its 32mm thick pile makes it comfortable and soft to walk on, while its 1300 grams per square meter weight makes it easy to place and store.

The rug's threads are hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-static (so that hairs and fibers do not stick to the fur) and can be cleaned locally with a sponge and soap, but with minimal water or, naturally, at a carpet cleaning service with dry cleaning.

Rabbit Skins rugs are polyester faux fur, which maintains the softness of natural fur, available in many sizes and colors. This collection was created to add style and offer a unique feeling of luxury and softness to any space it enters.

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Rabbit furs
Rabbit furs

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Additional Information

rabbit fur


    | Machinemade Carpet
  • origin

    | China

    | Polyester 100% Microfiber
  • Style

    | Modern – Fur
  • Available sizes

    | 070×100 cm – 100×140 cm – 080×150 – 120×170 cm – 135×180 – 160×230 cm – Round ⊘120
Rabbit fur
Pricing Details
Round ⊘12080€

rabbits furs

stylish softness

For availability, contact us at 2106012592.