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edgy modern carpets

The Edgy modern carpets collection boasts an impressive range of modern rugs that truly stand out from the crowd.

Expertly woven from plant fibers, these rugs have a soft, lustrous texture akin to luxurious silk that is not only elegant but highly durable too.

For those who are prone to allergies, the Edgy collection is a real game-changer as it does not cause any adverse reactions. When light hits these rugs, they take on an almost velvety appearance, exuding a warm and inviting feeling that will make your guests feel right at home.

Thanks to the unique technique of horizontal weaving used to create these amazing rugs, they feature distinctive textures and natural colors that are sure to add intensity and vibrancy to any space they occupy. With their minimalist, geometric designs, they offer the perfect fusion of modernity and elegance.

Adding to their charm, the Edgy collection of rugs is incredibly affordable, making it an unbeatable choice for anyone looking to decorate their space in style.

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Edgy modern carpets, EM-22220 Emerald
EM-22220 Emerald

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Additional Information

edgy rugs


    | Flatweave – Double Weft
  • origin

    | Turkey

    | Chenille – Cotton
  • Style

    | Modern – Abstract – Geometrical – Vintage
  • Available sizes

    | 160×230 – 200×290 – 240×340
Edgy modern carpets, PA-20210  Beige/Rust
PA-20210 Beige/Rust
Pricing Details

edgy rugs

shiny velvet beneath your feet

Edgy modern carpets, PA-20214 Grey/Navy Blue
PA-20214 Grey/Navy Blue
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