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The first and most timeless collection of rugs, the Antique Rugs Collection is our exclusive production, reviving classic designs from the 1880-1920 period captured with a sweet aged finish.

Antique Classic Rug, Agra Hunting Black/Beige
Agra Hunting Black/Beige

Handmade Antique Classic Rug

A modern look at centuries-old designs.

The beautifyl pieces of the Antique collection became known for the very high quality of their wool, their durability and resistance in any space.
They are synonymous with high aesthetics and light classicism, without, however, lacking at all in the element of timelessness.

Mainly repetitive patterns with the most well-known coming from famous antique carpet designs, such as Agra Hunting, Tabriz Crown, Sarouk etc.
The color combination of the rugs of the Antique collection is mainly based on two-tones, in which complementary earth tones alternately frame the black, blue or deep red background.

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Additional Information

antique RUGS


    | Handmade rug -Turkish Double Knot
  • origin

    | Pakistan

    | Super fine quality Wool –Turkish Double Knot – High weaving count
  • Style

    | NeoClassic – Antique
  • Available sizes

    | 90χ150 – 120χ180 – 140χ200 – 170χ240 – 200χ250 – 200χ300 – 250χ300 – 250χ350 – Oversize
Antique Classic Rug, Agra Hunting Black/Beige
Agra Hunting Black/Beige
Antique Classic Rug, Agra Taj Black/Beige
Agra Taj Black/Beige

antique collection

redefining old designs

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Agra Hunting Red/Beige