Modern Handmade Rugs



Modern Handmade Rugs are without doubt works of art themselves.


In the last decade or so, the production of new-modern modern rugs has experienced a renaissance. Modern rugs produced today tend to draw freely from all sources or inspirations, combined with cutting-edge innovations from contemporary architecture, interior design and painting. Modern handmade rugs add excitement and when paired correctly with the rest of the decor, often tie an entire space together. The challenge is deciding how best to accent your space with a rug. Different shades evoke different feelings, so you’ll want to choose a rug that not only matches the rest of your decor color-wise, but also helps create the ambiance you want to achieve in the space. See our projects of residential and commercial spaces decorated with rugs from our modern collections and get inspired for your own spaces.


Browse our collections of gorgeous modern handmade rugs in abstract, geometric and vintage patterns to choose your home decor.


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