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ziegler FERAHAN

The high-quality wool, vibrant unique design, beautiful color palettes, and durable construction bring the Ziegler Ferahan rugs to the top choices for decorating homes and professional spaces.

Ziegler Ferahan neoclassic rug, Ferahan Beige/Red
Ferahan Beige/Red

Handmade Neoclassical Ziegler Ferahan rugs.

Neo-classical elegance.

The Ziegler Ferahan rugs were one of the types of carpets presented at the Vienna Exhibition in 1873, which led to a broad Western interest in oriental carpets.

Their botanical patterns show original, imaginative designs and exceptional finesse, with each flower differing slightly from the next, both spontaneous and balanced. Unlike the precision of design in classical Persian pieces, Ziegler Ferahan carpets have a looser form, improvisational quality in both colors and designs.

Ferahan carpets offer a wide range of plant-dyed colors, soft to gentle but rich shades. A characteristic color is deep brick or red on the background with the rest of the subtle color palette in complementary colors. The art of stripe coloring, a technique known as abrash, was highly developed in Ferahan carpets and created a hybrid style of elegance through simplicity.

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    | Handmade rug
  • origin

    | Afghanistan

    | Wool
  • Style

    | Neo-classic
  • Available sizes

    | 100×150 – 170χ240 – 200χ250 – 200χ300 – 240χ300 – 250χ350 – 270χ360 – Oversize
Ziegler Ferahan neoclassic rug, Ferahan R.Blue/Gold
Ferahan R.Blue/Gold
Ziegler Ferahan neoclassic rug, Beige

ziegler ferahan rugs

neoclassic simplicity

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Ziegler Ferahan neoclassic rug, Red/Beige