The Art and Craft of Handmade Rugs

Know your Rugs

The Art and Craft of Rug Making! In order for a handmade carpet to decorate your space, many stages are required and usually enough time that can even reach years.

The materials used to weave rugs contribute immensely to the overall impression of the rug – its color, texture, feel, and most importantly, its durability.

Of the materials commonly used to make a rug, certainly the most common are wool, cotton, silk and the various dyes used to get the colors of the piece right.

Here is a step-by-step of the art of the carpet and the description of their manufacture from the moment the raw wool is obtained:

The Art and Craft of Rug Making

Η τέχνη του χαλιού!

of raw material
The best quality wool is collected, cleaned and processed.

Carding, Combing & Spinning The raw wool is combed and then spun into yarn

wool Carding
Wool Spinning
Η τέχνη του χειροποίητου χαλιού Wool-Dyeing

Dyeing In the old days dyes were only vegetable, on the contrary now there are also chemical ones.

Weaving Artisans weave the rugs from a provided rug pattern.

Η Τέχνη του Χαλιού
rug weaving

Washing The rugs are washed to bring out the natural luster in the yarns used and to remove any dirt from the weaving process.

Η τέχνη του χαλιού!

Finishing Completed carpets are straightened, trimmed, finished and are now ready for use.

Η τέχνη του χαλιού!
Η τέχνη του χειροποίητου χαλιού