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Serenity Modern Carpets

Introducing the innovative and trendy Serenity carpets Collection that boasts a stunning line of modern machine carpets.

With its unique high density weave, this new range of carpets is sure to take your interior décor to the next level with its captivating abstract designs.

The Serenity Collection is made to last, with its sturdy and long-lasting polyester weave that is supported by a cotton backing. Not only does it offer remarkable strength and sturdiness, but it also has a lavish velvety texture that tickles your senses while you walk or stand on it. To add to its charm, the Serenity carpets are adorned with intricate cotton fringe to create an eye-catching finish.

They also feature an embossed outline to further enhance the design's flair. With its anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and static-resistant properties, maintenance is a breeze, making it easy to clean. And let's not forget that they are both highly durable and washable!

The simple and elegant design of the Serenity Collection makes it a perfect option for all spaces in your house!

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Serenity modern carpet, 34527-721
Serenity 34527-721

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Additional Information

serenity carpets


    | Machinemade Carpet
  • origin

    | Turkey

    | HEATSET & POLYESTER Weight: 3000gr/m2 POINTS : 864000/m2 Pile Height : 10mm
  • Style

    | Modern – Vintage – Abstract
  • Available sizes

    | SET 067 – 133×190 – 160χ230 – 200χ250 – 200χ290 – 240×300
Pricing Details
SET 0.67195€
Serenity modern carpet, Serenity 32591-730
Serenity 32591-730
For availability, contact us at 2106012592.