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nomad skin rugs

We are pleased to offer our customers an exquisite range of Nomad Skin Rugs in three chic and stylish colors: pristine white, classic black, and sophisticated gray.

Our rugs are crafted from only the finest quality leather and are available as large tiles in an assortment of dimensions, with the added option of creating your own unique, custom size to fit your specific space requirements.

Our manufacturing process adheres strictly to European Union guidelines, ensuring that only top-quality dyes and finishing materials are utilized. Whether you prefer a standard size or a custom creation, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your individual tastes and preferences are catered to.

Please note that each rug takes between 15-20 days to manufacture, ensuring that exceptional attention to detail is paid at every stage of the process. Our Nomad Skin Rugs are the perfect choice for those who appreciate luxury, quality and attention to detail - why not indulge yourself today and experience the ultimate in comfort and style?

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Skin Rug Nomad D.Grey Tips/Black
Skin Rug Nomad D.Grey Tips/Black

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Additional Information

skin rugs


    | Skin Rugs
  • origin

    | Spain

    | Cow Skin
  • Style

    | Modern – Natural
  • Available sizes

    | Custom sizes available without border
Skin Rug Nomad Round White Tips/Black
Skin Rug Nomad Round White Tips/Black

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For availability, contact us at 2106012592.