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Karma Modern Carpets

If you're looking to create an impressive and luxurious feel in your living space, consider the modern machine-made rugs from the Karma carpets collection.

These rugs are designed with transitional designs and unique coloring that will pleasantly surprise you and leave your guests in awe.

The high-quality polyester fibers used in their construction give them a silky appearance that feels luxurious to the touch.
Moreover, the rugs in the Karma collection are not only stunning but also practical. They are durable, easy to clean, and highly resistant, thanks to their high-quality thread and weaving density.

Their anti-static and washable features make them a practical choice for any modern home.
Do you love fringe and embossed patterns? If so, the Karma collection rugs have got you covered.

Featuring slightly embossed transitional designs and handcrafted fringe, these rugs exude a sense of luxury that is often associated with handmade rugs.
Ideal for both classic and modern decor, the Karma collection rugs can be mixed and matched to create unique spaces.

Overall, adding these rugs to your home decor will be simply... impressive!

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Additional Information

KARMA carpets


    | Machinemade Carpet
  • origin

    | Turkey

    |100% Fine POLYESTER with handmade Fringes Weight : 2811 gr/m2 POINTS : 720000/m2 Pile Height : 12mm
  • Style

    | Modern – Vintage
  • Available sizes

    | 070×150 – 160χ230 – 200χ290
Pricing Details
collection Karma
Karma 155-970
For availability, contact us at 2106012592.