Ipekzade Carpets

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Ipekzade modern machine-made carpets

Woven with high-quality natural yarns, the soft feel and vibrant appearance of the Ipekzade carpets are sure to elevate and enhance the style of your home.
The series artfully combines modern, minimalist design with classic style, and is highlighted as a handmade creation. The refined and velvety details of the Ipekzade collection carpets are a perfect reflection of aristocratic design harmony.
Every step will make you feel satisfied that you have brought the best carpet into your home. Each knot of these modern machine carpets is a reflection of high technical expertise.

Black&Brown Modern carpet, Black&Brown 11297 Grey
Black&Brown 11297 Grey

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Additional Information

ipekzade carpets


    | Machinemade Carpet
  • origin

    | Turkey

    | 2.000.000 p/sq.m | 60% Acrylic – 40% Viscose
  • Style

    | Modern – Abstract – Vintage
  • Available sizes

    | 160χ230 – 200χ290 – 240×340
Μοντέρνο Χαλί Μηχανής, Ipekzade 11381 Blue
Ipekzade 11381 Blue
For availability, contact us at 2106012592.
Μοντέρνο Χαλί Μηχανής, Ipekzade 11382 Black
Ipekzade 11382 Black