Fur Rug

fur rugs

Fur rugs

Fancy a touch of opulence in your living space? Look no further than our stunning collection of fur rugs, where luxury is woven into each and every rug.

We pride ourselves on our handcrafted timeless rugs, where various types of furs are perfectly combined with leather to create a truly indulgent experience.

Delivered straight to your door, our made-to-measure rugs fit seamlessly into your space with immediate effect. Produced by skilled craftsmen in Greece, we use only high-quality materials to ensure the rugs are nothing short of exceptional.

Choose from a range of furs types, colors, designs and shapes to create your own perfect combination of textures in your living space. Don't forget to indulge in corresponding fur or leather pillows, as well as fur throws, to complement your luxurious fur rugs.

Trust us, the softness and warmth of our fur rugs are beyond comparison, meaning great durability and long-lasting enjoyment for many years to come.

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Fur Racoun rug Black/Brown
Fur Racoun rug Black/Brown

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Additional Information

fur rugs


    | Fur Rugs
  • origin

    | Greece

    | Natural Hair
  • Style

    | Modern – Natural
  • Available sizes

    | Custom sizes available
Fox Fur Rug white



For availability, contact us at 2106012592.

Toscana Fur rug Black
Toscana Fur rug Black